How to Get Free Guacamole at Chipotle

You ever sit around thinking, “Man, I could use a juicy burrito from Chipotle with guacamole right now?” 

Maybe you are in your cubicle and it’s nearing twelve o’clock. Or you are home and are craving something savory. Regardless, nothing hits the spot quite like a burrito, especially when it has guacamole.

In this short article, I’m going to show you how you can get free guac at Chipotle in four simple steps, by using a little charisma.

Ok, bad news first. This burrito vault holds three employees heavily trained on charging you exactly what you ordered. 

There’s the topper, burrito wrapper, and the cashier

The topper starts the burrito building process and begins to put toppings.

The burrito wrapper finishes off the burrito and typically adds the last few ingredients. 

The cashier rings you up.

Typically this is the setup, but once in a while, you may see just the topper/burrito wrapper combined into one human and then the cashier at the end of the line. Just keep this in mind.

Step 1. Order a burrito or burrito bowl for dine-in

The only caveat with this technique is that you have to dine-in. You’ll see why in a bit later.

Step 2. Obviously, say yes to GUAC

Get whatever toppings you want and of course, get guacamole.

Step 3. Add lettuce 

What’s surprising about the Chipotle toppings is their placement. Interestingly, the lettuce is always last, which is pivotal and critical to this working. When they ask if you want lettuce, make sure to say yes.

Step 4. Ask for extra lettuce

Here’s where the magic happens.

While they are putting lettuce on your bowl, ask for EXTRA lettuce. Who does this?! NO ONE. 

After they finish wrapping the burrito or constructing your burrito bowl, one of the following will happen:

  1. The burrito wrapper will flat out tell the cashier what you got
  2. The burrito wrapper won’t tell the cashier what you got 

This is why you order dine-in. 

If you ordered to-go, the burrito wrapper would have just wrote what you ordered on the foil in permanent marker and then game over. 

game over
Game over

If the burrito wrapper tells the cashier what you ordered

If the burrito wrapper tells the cashier what you just ordered, what you need to do is INTERCEPT this transfer of knowledge by complementing the cashier.

Here’s a few options of what exactly you can say: 

  1. “I like your hair! Who did it?”
  2. “I like your cell phone case, where did you get it?”
  3. “I like how calm and collected you are at the register, what’s your secret?”

A little secret about human behavior: People love hearing about themselves. 

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.” – Dale Carnegie

They absolutely love it and the idea behind this, is that it will distract the cashier from they heard. 

The cashier, who is either blushing or in awe of what you just told them, would have forgotten what the burrito wrapper just told them. Logically, they will proceed to look at your burrito/bowl and will not notice the secret guacamole hiding under a mound of lettuce, which is precisely why you ask for extra lettuce.

If the burrito wrapper doesn’t tell the cashier what you got

Same concept applies here. The cashier will look down at your meal and will attempt to “guesstimate” the toppings. 

They will see lettuce. Not guacamole. 

You smile. You pay $8. You walk the fuck out.

Let me know in the comments what you think, and if you like little hacks like this, you will love the free ebook, 3 SURPRISING Hacks to Be More Comfortable with Women.