5 Proven Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up in the middle of the night, roll over, check your phone and see the screenshot below. Are these signs your ex wants you back?

missed calls from ex

A few missed calls from an unknown number. What’s the first thought that enters your mind?


Your inner voice starts to rationalize the situation, “What do they want? Why did they call? I knew they would call.”

You are filled with excitement. You just got a missed call from someone you had a deep connection with. You are ecstatic, have hope, and YOU ARE LOVING LIFE.

You begin to take a poll from your friends about what the meaning could be behind all of this. “Why did she call me? If that means A, then B must be true! She’s probably trying to make me jealous because of XYZ.”

Then you decide to text them.

You: Hey did you call me?
Her: No
You: I noticed a missed call, are you sure it wasn’t you?
Her: Oh looks like I accidentally butt dialed you
You. Oh ok. How are you?
Her: (crickets chirping)

You misread the entire situation and now you are coming off way too strong again. Now, she’s gone.

Look, don’t be that guy.

Can you read minds?

I don’t know if you know this, but it’s impossible to read minds. When you want your ex back, it’s natural to look for every little signal that things are going well, but the problem is that the meaning to signals are not guaranteed. Anyone that gives you a definitive meaning to a signal is just telling you lies. They’re dumb. Run away.

I’m not saying you should ignore all the signs. Be wary of them on a macro level, but don’t go too micro, this is when you mess up. I call this the Macro Mindset technique and it’s key to your success.

What to do when you’re unsure what to…do

Let me show you how to correctly view the above situation with the missed calls:

“I got a missed call from an unknown number. Ok cool. It could be my ex or it could be someone else. I don’t know the answer so I won’t spend more than 3.7 seconds contemplating it.”

That’s the Macro Mindset. We don’t over analyze things we don’t know. Ever. Period.

You see, relying on signals puts you in a position of weakness because instead of focusing on you, you are focusing on them. When you put your faith in things that are not certain, you are gambling with the outcome. So yea, sure, you could read some of the signals right, but some you could get some way off.

The 5 signs your ex wants you back

Having said all of that, here are the top 5 signs your ex wants you back. Use them with caution and in combination with the Macro Mindset.

  • Reminiscing. Ah, how cute! She’s remembering a moment of your past.This means they are digging into the memory bank. This usually happens for a reason that was triggered by an emotion. A familiar face, place, etc.
  • Emotional. Pretty self-explanatory, but if they told you something sweet that’s a good sign.
  • Territorial. Are they asking about something they saw on social media? A post. A like. Under no circumstance should you feel you have to explain yourself, but do take a mental note that they just asked you this.
  • Finding reasons to meet. Do you have their things and they want them back? Did she forget something in your car? This isn’t always a strong signal, but it can be.
  • Schedule. Are they available suddenly? Do they make time for you? If you are questioning this then it’s probably a good sign. When you hang out with them, is it an all day affair devoid from any time restrictions? This is a good.

Now, here’s what I want you to do. If you take one lesson from this article, it’s this: Take the signs, but don’t over analyze. Again, Macro Mindset.

Start to focus on yourself. The more you do, the less entangled you will be with these signs if your ex wants you back. You will feel better, look better, and think clearer. It’s a win-win situation (and I don’t have to watch you change your relationship status on Facebook)

Conquer your mind, not your strategies.


What signal did I leave off? Is there one I didn’t mention? Comment below.