The articles have helped me improve so far. And the emails are straight to the point truth. I believe I’ll see a big change in my dating life in little time.


After a month of following the program I managed to feel better about myself…


It’s nothing I didn’t already know. It comes down to getting out there, accepting the rejections, and moving forward rather than retreating. As I said, I knew this but it helped to be told by someone else. The personal attention was surprising and the actual conversation was encouraging.


Very sincere, helpful and honest. Would definitely recommend it!.

—Kobe F.

It’s been a while I wanted to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and with the help of Payam I am getting there hopefully soon. I had a good start and I hope it goes better and better with his helpful advices! Thanks Payam

—Nikan S.

Gives solid advice with realistic examples and challenges you can try to start improving yourself. Rather than focusing on trying to “trick” others, he gives you ways to start getting out of your comfort zone more and more. It’s up to you to use the advice!