Words to Tell a Girl When You First Meet Her That Will Explode Your Game

You know what is weird? How much a difference a couple words can make. Especially words to tell a girl when you first meet her.

Practical story about words to tell a girl

Last Sunday I’m at one of my favorite local coffee shops here in San Francisco and I decided to order a chai latte. Admittedly, it is not my usual go-to-coffee-drink (almond latte is), but I wanted to spice things up. 

When I approached the cashier and asked about the specifics of what is inside the drink, because I like annoying the cashier, the girl working there said, “It is a chai concentrate.”
Chai concentrate? WTF? Meh! BLEH!

That sounds like I’m ingesting chemicals. Something did not feel right, so when I reached with my right hand to pick up the drink from the barista (another person working at the cafe), I asked him the same thing, “Thanks buddy. By the way, what is inside this?”

His response: Oh! That’s our in-house chai concentrate. It is our unique blend that we make right here in our kitchen

Holy ball sack juice. What a difference! 

Notice how just a subtle distinction in wording can have such a significant impact? 
It is literally the same drink, but how he said it made me WANT it. This is true when it comes to coffee drinks and also in true when it comes down to words to tell a girl.

The actual words to tell a girl when you meet her

When it comes to things to make her feel special or things to say to make her want you, you can’t just be another Joe Schmo. You also need to recalibrate how you view this situation.

To begin, you must remember this unbreakable law: 

How you approach is far more important than what you say.

I have an article purely dedicated to “The Approach.” If you haven’t read it yet, put this one on pause, and read that one first.

If you read it already, carry on.

Your words do matter, to an extent. What matters more than your words is your intention and motivation.

In fact, while this article is around what to say to a girl you just met, it only accounts for 25% of your success. 75% is on the how. We will will go over both. 

success formula
Your success depends largely on how you speak, more than what you say.

A caveat: If you are purely JUST trying to get laid? This may not be the best article for you and I may not be right for you. 

I like to create timeless articles that help shy guys improve their confidence, charisma, and get more dates. 

On that note, I’m a big fan of honesty & authenticity. Cheesy lines are just, well, cheesy. So, without further ado, I would recommend saying these words to a girl you just met:

“Hey, I know this is weird because we do not know each other, but I saw you and thought you were incredibly beautiful. Actually, I’m kinda nervous talking to you right now. [LAUGH] How’s your day going?”


How does this make you feel inside to see yourself say this? Scared? Nervous? Good. Let’s dissect the words to tell a girl and I’ll show you how this works.

Hey, I know this is weird… 

You showing empathy by admitting it is “weird” gives the impression that you are lighthearted. 

…but I saw you and thought you were incredibly beautiful.

Bold and brave. Not many do this.

Actually, I’m kinda nervous talking to you right now.

Women LOVE this. They want to know that they made an impact on you and that they MEAN something to you. 

[LAUGH] How’s your day going?

Mix in a laugh or chuckle and now you are a smooth, cute, fun guy. 

See where I’m going with this? 

Most women will be receptive to hear your elevator why-you-should-go-out-with-me pitch after you opened so confidently. What’s the secret sauce to attraction? Confidence.

Most men will fake their intention, BS their way to getting to know her, or just say something vague such as “Hey, how are you? You live around here?”

NO. You sound like a lame.

Ease into it, show empathy, show authenticity, etc. This will take you from being shy to becoming The Guy. (I said that because it rhymes and sounds cool)

This thought process compounded over over a long period of time will take you further than you think.

Create your own words to impress a girl on chat 

As much as I want you to read my blog forever, I would be happier if you don’t need to. You do that by believing you can write your own scripts.

You don’t need to say word-for-word what I did, I’m just giving you an example. The key point I’m making is that it is better to be REAL than faking who you are. 

Nervous? Tell her.
Shy? Tell her.
Never approach women? Tell her.
Not sure what to say? Tell her.

Confused? Use this template.

“Hello, I know this is kinda random, but I thought you were cute. I’m actually [INSERT HOW YOU ARE FEELING]…” 

Just swap in literally how you are feeling in that exact moment and boom, you are golden.

Delete the rejection process

Now if this is difficult for you to do or you are afraid of rejection, then remove it. Here’s how: don’t go for the number.

Just say hello, give the compliment, and walk away. Not only will you make her day, but she can’t reject you, if you didn’t ask her out. 😉 BOO-YA-KA-SHAH!

I love old school Ali G.

Action steps: 2 things to try this week

  1. Approach two new people this week and try this line or create your own. Reisst on going for the number or connecting with this person, just get comfortable talking and saying what’s on your mind.
  2. A/B test between the line I gave you and one that you create on your own See which works better for you. You might find that a script that works great for me, may work horrible for you. Create your own! This is where things really get interesting. 

Want to know how you can do the same and create your very own word-for-word scripts… that just work? Download my free e-book: 3 SURPRISING Hacks to Be More Comfortable with Women.

Have another question or unsure about something I wrote? Comment and let me know.